Making a Hanging Pendant Light With Geneva Vanderzeil


There is nothing like making something stylish for your interior using pieces you may already have at home. These retro-inspired pendant lights are fun, versatile and practical. It will add a little colour to a lounge room, kitchen or bedroom. And you won’t believe just how quick they are to make!

What you need

To make these pendant lights, you will need:

  • Bowls, plates and cups in various sizes made from plastic
  • A pendant light electrical cord (you can buy one online)
  • Spray paint
  • A drill
  • A round-cutting drill bit

Approximate time: 1.5 hour (excluding drying time)
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

The project step by step

Step #1

Start by drilling a hole in the base of your plates and bowls. I’m using a vice to hold each item to ensure it doesn’t move while I’m drilling.

Step #2

Spray them a colour. I’ve gone with soft olive, pink and blue for my project.

Step #3

Once your pieces are dry, it is time to assemble your pendant light. You can sort them in any design formation. I’ve placed a cup inside a bowl, with another plate and bowl underneath. Don’t be afraid to try different shapes.

Step #4

Unscrew the pendant light cord and slip it through the bowls and plate. Once it is in place, screw the ring on the other side to secure it. And add a light bulb.

Step #5

The only thing left to do is to hang up your pendant light and turn it on!

This is seriously such an easy project to do and it is a great way to add a little lighting mood to the interior of your home.

You can see the video of this project’s step-by-step here. And for more inspiration, DIY projects and styling tips, don't forget to follow our Instagram account!


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