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Buying Real Estate Guides in your State

An in-depth guide to buying real estate in your area.

When it comes to buying real estate each state and territory has different rules and regulations. To help you navigate the buying process in your local area we have compiled the following step by step guides to buying property.

These in-depth guides walk you through the different ways you can buy property, where to do your local research, where to home hunt, what government websites are useful, what must go in your contracts of sale, what costs you will need to pay as these vary across Australia and what happens at time of settlement. 

Find your state or territory and get up to speed on all you need to know about buying property.

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Buying Real Estate in Victoria

Buying property in Victoria is a great move. Whether you are buying for an owner-occupied residence or as an investment property, there are a number of processes and a lot of legislation to keep in mind when planning on getting into the right place for your requirements. Here is a detailed guide into the buying process, researching the local property market, getting a home loan, the different ways to buy a home through to making an offer, reviewing contracts and settling the property sale.

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Buying Real Estate in South Australia

With its expansive wine regions, great coastal areas and the inimitable City of Churches, South Australia has a lot to offer people seeking to buy real estate. But you have to give a lot of effort to make sure the process is done right! Here is everything you need to know about buying South Australian property. We look at the steps involved, the different ways to buy a home in South Australia, where to research and find your new home through to home loans, making offers, buying at auction or private treaty and settling the sale.

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Buying Real Estate in Queensland

The Sunshine State is an attractive prospect for anyone looking to purchase real estate. With a laid-back lifestyle only a hop, skip and jump from the city, bustling CBD areas and expansive country and outback, it blends everything great about Australia into one wondrous tableau. But how do you go about buying property in Queensland? There are specific steps to take, just as there are everywhere else in the country. Here is a look at the different ways to buy, where to research the property market, where to find a suitable property, the right home loan, through to what should be in the contract, what to look for at inspections and the final settlement process.

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