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Winter is here and we are all giving our heaters a good workout - but with it comes risk. It is so important to check your fire alarm is working and positioned somewhere where everyone will be able to hear it. By law, you should have a smoke detector on each level of your home and it is good to have a few in other key spots too.

To install a smoke alarm, you will need:

  • Smoke alarm/detector
  • Screwdriver
  • Anchor


Approximate time: Approximately 20-minutes

Difficulty: Easy

The project step by step

Step #1 – There are two types of smoke detectors. Hard-wired alarms need to be installed by an electrician. Battery-operated alarms, however, can be installed by anyone. You’ll find these for sale at the local hardware store. Be sure to choose one that has a 10-year lithium battery and also an Australian compliance tick.

Step #2 – When looking for a place to put your smoke detector, avoid directly inside the kitchen and bathroom as the cooking and steam can set off the alarm.   Fire and Rescue recommend a smoke detector in every living space and bedroom.

Step #3 – Attach your smoke detector to the ceiling, approximately 300mm to 500mm from the wall. Simply open up the alarm and fix the base plate to the ceiling. If you are screwing into timber you may want to put in a small pilot hole in first with a drill. If it is going into the plasterboard, you may want a small anchor to ensure it is fitted properly.

Step #4 – Once your smoke detector is fixed into the ceiling with a few screws, close it up and test it. This is a crucial step – you need to make sure that it is working.

Installing a smoke alarm is really such a simple job and one that is life-saving. Now you can rest easy knowing that while your kids may destroy your home, at least you’ll get a heads-up if they try to burn it down.

Stay safe!

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