9 Tips to Style Your Apartment to Sell

9 tips to style your apartment to sell_Blog

98% of our agents say that styling can make a big difference when you are selling.  It can help to add value, attract more buyers, and help your property sell faster.  So if you are selling, this is a critical step to make the most out of what you’ve got.

Not all of us live in a large family-sized house – and many of us don’t want to –  but when it comes to selling, the same principles apply.  Buyers want rooms to feel spacious and light, they want the apartment to be functional and have useable living spaces.  Buyers love outdoor areas and privacy and they want to feel the apartment has been well-maintained and loved. Of course, you could hire a pro, but if you want to do it yourself here are some tried and true tips to help you prepare your apartment for a profitable and fast sale.

1. Create a great first impression

Setting the stage for a great first impression of your home is crucial in attracting potential buyers. Elevate your curb appeal and initial impact by focusing on your front entranceway and home exterior. 

A well-kept garden and mowed lawns will make your home look cared for. Prioritise cleanliness and upkeep across your property. A freshly painted front door will instantly rejuvenate. Consider replacing scratched or worn-out handles to impart a polished look that contributes to the overall impression of care and maintenance.

A strategically placed potted plant or two can add a touch of vibrancy and charm, while a quick sweep or mop can work wonders in enhancing the overall appeal of your private or shared entranceway. 

Remember, a well-maintained exterior not only entices potential buyers but also communicates a sense of pride in homeownership, instilling confidence in the property's upkeep and care.

2. The kitchen – the room that sells

The kitchen is the one room that can make or break a sale. Often regarded as the heart of the house, the kitchen holds a lot of potential to sway buyers and significantly improve your selling chances. Investing effort in optimising this space is crucial. 

The importance of decluttering cannot be overstated – especially in smaller spaces like apartments. Clearing kitchen benches of unnecessary items instantly creates the illusion of space and cleanliness. If you are short on bench space or cabinetry, consider utilising kitchen storage racks or organisers that can be attached to the wall to make the most of your small kitchen area. 

For tired-looking cabinet doors, there are plenty of options beyond a costly replacement. Simple upgrades like switching outdated knobs and handles with modern fixtures are a cost-effective facelift

Consider updating old appliances, particularly the fridge or dishwasher. Modern, efficient appliances can enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen while giving buyers the promise of convenience and energy cost savings. 

Of course, never underestimate a fresh coat of paint! Sticking to neutral tones can widen the appeal, allowing buyers to envision their own style. Simple home staging touches such as a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen bench can help improve the appeal, also. 

3. Define your living space and create the feeling of space

To style your home to sell, your aim is to make your apartment seem as big as possible and to create as much visual floor space as you can. This will have a great impact on how big the apartment feels and the overall flow of your home’s layout. By ensuring you have a clearly defined living area, dining, outdoor, office spaces, bedrooms, etc., will help create order and the perception of space. 

Aside from decluttering, strategic furniture placement can make a difference. Arrange furniture strategically to delineate distinct zones within your apartment. You can use furniture as a tool to create natural pathways and highlight the purpose of each area.

Consider using multi-functional or modular furniture pieces that serve dual purposes. For instance, a sofa bed in the living area can double as a guest sleeping space. 

Consistent flooring and a harmonious colour palette create a seamless flow between rooms, contributing to the perception of a larger, well-connected space.

4. Use neutral colours on the sofa

To help your living room feel larger, a styling trick interior designers use is to use neutral colours on your sofa. If your sofa is a similar tone to the walls it will blend in and not dominate the space. Also, by using shades of one colour in a room, it will create cohesion and makes a room feel more open. As there is little contrast in the room the buyer will be able to look through the room uninterrupted, creating the illusion of space. You can add interest with different textural elements such as cushions, throws, and rugs.

5. Make the most of the outdoors

The outdoor space can be a strong selling point. Aussies love being outdoors, so if you have a balcony or a courtyard make the most of it. Is there room to add a full table setting and chairs? By adding this, not only will it make your balcony feel larger, it will create an extra outdoor living area which is very appealing to buyers. 

If you don’t have the amount of space to fit a full outdoor setting, consider adding a small table and a couple of chairs with a colourful pot plant happily placed on the table. You may also try a vertical wall garden or a planter box for extra greenery. The aim here is not to just bring the outdoors in, but to also help prospective buyers project themselves.

By simply popping a colourful planter box on your balcony along with a comfy chair, buyers can instantly picture themselves sitting there with their morning coffee. This is a trick that professional stagers do to create an emotional connection between potential buyers and your property. They understand that people make decisions based on emotions. So by adding those little touches, you create a more inviting space that buyers would be happy to call home. 

6. Use a mirror to create feeling of space and light

Adding a mirror can instantly make a room feel more spacious. They help reflect light which helps make the room look brighter and can give the illusion of another light source in the room. For small spaces mirrors can give the appearance of more space as it reflects the room making buyers feel that it is larger than it actually is. Incorporating reflective surfaces like glass or polished materials can also contribute to this effect. 

On the subject of light, emphasising natural light in an apartment will greatly improve your selling chances. You can maximise natural light by keeping windows clear of heavy drapes or blinds during viewings. Ensure windows are clean inside and out; allowing unobstructed light to filter through. Place mirrors strategically across from windows or in areas where they can reflect natural light deeper into the apartment. If your apartment has outdoor views, ensure any foliage or trees outside the windows are trimmed to allow maximum light penetration. 

7. Get bold with your artwork

This may be the opposite of what you think, but surprisingly a bold painting on the wall has the ability to make a room feel more expansive unlike several smaller pieces that can have the effect of cluttering up the space. The key lies in selecting the right painting that complements the room's style and dimensions so as not to overwhelm the room. Placing the painting strategically, such as on a prominent wall or as a focal point upon entering the room, can draw the eye and give the impression of a larger space. Additionally, the colours and mood of the painting can influence the perceived ambiance of the room. Bright, uplifting colours or serene landscapes can create an atmosphere that feels more open and inviting.

8. Create a bit of luxury in the bathroom

One of the best styling techniques for home selling is to refresh the bathroom. Enhancing your bathroom with a touch of luxury can create a spa oasis that feels and looks lavish. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to do this. 

Clean your tiles and grouting and make sure your windows, mirrors, and shower screens are spotless and free of streaks. Hairs in the drains are a real put-off, so check these before you open your home to buyers.

Elevate the ambiance with luxurious additions such as fresh, plush towels, opting for fragrant liquid soap over traditional bars, adding scented candles to shelves and countertops, small potted plants, or a single fresh-cut flower in a stylish vase. If you have a bathtub, purchase a bath caddy and top it with a book, candle, and bath salts to add a sense of indulgence that appeals to prospective buyers.

If you have a small bathroom, don’t clutter the limited wall space with towel rails, put them on the back of the door. If you have the budget, adding a big mirror will help ensure the room appears twice the size. If you keep the colour scheme simple it will help give your bathroom that wow factor. On a final note, stained or chipped bathtubs and basins detract from that lush feel, so consider getting these re-enameled. Lastly, if your tiles are looking a bit tired, a fresh coat of tile paint on the walls will give the impression of a whole new bathroom.

9. Create space and sanctuary in your bedroom

After the number of bedrooms, buyers are most interested in room size. This can be difficult to address in smaller apartments, however, there are ways to maximise even the tiniest of rooms.

Use neutral colours to make your bedroom/s seem larger. Reduce the amount of furniture to maximise the feeling of space. For instance, if you have a small room, use a double bed instead of a queen or bunk bed in the kid’s rooms.

Storage in the bedroom is another feature buyers look for. To reduce the demands on limited space in small bedrooms, consider installing built-in robes, but keep the interior simple because if you include all the bells and whistles you won’t recoup the costs.

Mounting shelves, desks, or nightstands on walls instead of using floor-standing options can free up floor space and give the room a more open feel.

Utilise vertical space by installing tall bookshelves, wall-mounted shelves, or hanging organizers. Vertical storage helps declutter and keeps essential items within reach without occupying precious floor area.

However large your bedrooms are, they will look small if they are cluttered with your personal knick-knacks. When it comes time to sell make sure you clear away the clutter and personal items such as photos. That doesn’t mean your rooms need to look totally impersonal, a few exotic perfume bottles, a vintage tea cup by the bed, or a romantic candle display can make the room feel like home for potential buyers.

Finally, during viewings, demonstrate various configurations of the space to showcase its versatility. For example, you may have a washer and dryer in a cupboard or a benchtop extension. This helps buyers visualise different layouts and possibilities for the room.


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